Professional window cleaning, why use a professional when I can do it myself?

It is true to say we have all used independent window cleaners over many years, adopting a strategy of having someone reliable and efficient to clean our windows on a monthly basis. If you are of older years, you will all remember seeing the chap either cycling or carrying his bucket and ladder down your local street. The window cleaner has been the mainstay of community services for decades.

Window cleaning has now come on hugely from the bucket and ladder transporting chap we all got to know over the years. It is now very much a science, with specialist equipment, the science around the type of water being used and all sorts of technology including the iconic extending poles to reach heights that would have once seen the precariously balancing window cleaner committing a cardinal sin where modern health and safety laws are concerned. Window cleaners simply don’t walk or cycle our streets, they have transits, cherry pickers, and a van full of technological advancements in the trade of window cleaning. All allowing us to reach heights and awkward angles to efficiently and quickly clean our customer’s windows.

At ECS, we are of course, no different. Huge investment has been made over the years in the latest technology, including extensive training on how to utilise it effectively. We continually invest in equipment to provide our cleaning services to the people of Essex and will continue to do so for many years to come. As a family business, Aaron and Jake will continue to explore new technological advances to help us provide cost-efficiency, safety and excellence in our work cleaning commercial and residential property windows.

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