Essex Cleaning Services is proud to launch its new website

One of those jobs you just never get around to when you are busy is most certainly making sure your website is up-to-date. Our website, although working for us well in generating a continuous flow of enquiries, it was looking old, outdated and certainly didn’t cover the full range of exterior cleaning and maintenance services we provide.

We took the opportunity to speak with our incumbent web company, looking for something that was going to be cost-effective, but truly represent what we have become as a leading cleaning company based in Essex. We wanted to let our existing clients and new know exactly what we can do, and who we do it for. The new website now carries a great deal of our feedback which we are extremely proud of and enables us with the modern technology available on websites to keep it up-to-date ourselves. The latter we a prerequisite of having a brand new website. We wanted to add new case studies and testimonials when needed and be able to keep our range of Essex cleaning and maintenance services offering up to date with just a few clicks of the mouse.

We would like to thank the team at Elan Marketing for doing a brilliant job on our website. We now don’t feel embarrassed saying to new customers… visit our website. We have something we are proud of and really works for the business going forward.

We hope you find it as easy to use and efficient in explaining the cleaning and maintenance services we can do for you!

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