Cherry Pickers make light work of health and safety

Cherry Pickers are superb pieces of equipment. Not only do they provide a safe method of accessing difficult places to reach when at height, but they also provide a cost-effective solution for our clients. Accessibility is everything in our work, and the speed of access is created using a Cherry Picker. It means we can not only access the location quickly, we can move safely and freely to carry out our work.

Our own Cherry Picker was acquired quite recently, and this has enabled us to look at our services in a more cost-effective manner. Where we have road access, we are able to quickly start our work, whether that is exterior decorating services, maintenance to soffits and fascias, or indeed carrying out a survey to acquire a price and present a quotation for our work.

Using a Cherry Picker also allows for much greater safety for our operatives. They can use harnesses to strap themselves to the equipment and feel safe in the knowledge they can carry out their work efficiently. We also utilise other equipment like hard hats, high visibility clothing, adequate safety footwear, gloves and eye protection where needed.

Utilising Essex Cleaning Services for your working at height requirements provides assurance that we are professional in our cleaning services methods, ad working safely in the local environment.

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